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Some of this I’ve shared already on Facebook and Twitter, but am rounding it all up here:

Big screen

Admission opens this Friday (March 22), starring Tina Fey and Paul Rudd. I have a scene with Paul. Here’s a picture from the NY premiere:  

SMASH news  

I’m happy to report that Frank will be returning for the last two episodes of the second season! SMASH will soon be on Saturdays now. Here’s some info on the schedule change:   and

The Good Wife

Just shot a role on The Good Wife. Not sure when it will air. Stay tuned. In the meantime, can you guess what character I’ll be? Hint:  ”none of the above” may also apply.  These were on my trailer door when I shot: 

Archetype quizWhich archetype are you?

Stay tuned for a great interview I did with CBS This Morning’s Lee Woodruff in a series of interviews with creative people that will soon stream on the Archetypes website. In the meantime, check out their website to take their archetype quiz and see what kind of archetypes you are:

A new album is on its way

I’m hoping to release a new album in the coming months. Subscribe to this blog to get more details. Very excited to let you know when it’s happening! 

Here’s something that cracks me up  

My friend Tom Shillue is a very funny writer and actor. He’s also a big fan of barbershop singing. So, check out his new group The Ragtime Gals (Tom is the first singer you see), with special guest stars, on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. Not a bad bunch:


  • on March 20, 2013,Janet Antor said:

    I love the Good WIFE! I have watched it since it started. Will watch for you!

  • on March 20, 2013,Brian said:

    Hi Janet! I love that show too, I was pretty excited to be asked to be on it. Without spoiling too much, my scene is with Kalinda.

    I’ll definitely let you know when it’s airing via the website, thanks for checking in!!

    Hope you’re well, Brian

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